Founded in 2016, 21st Century Digital Technology Co., Ltd (21CD) is Taiwan’s leading new consumer digital technology service provider. 21CD holds HappyFan7, the largest Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) online shopping brand in Taiwan. In 2020, 21CD received investment from China Development Financial and both entered into a long-term strategic partnership. In 2021, 21CD received an additional investment from PChome Online Inc and became a subsidiary.


By combining big data with artificial intelligence, 21CD continuously creates new consumer avenues through innovation and technology and establishes a BNPL service ecosystem that connects online and offline consumer structures, so that younger generations can enjoy a gratifying shopping experience and help merchants improve business performance. To date, there are more than 450,000 registered users on 21CD.

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財團法人公共關係基金會-2020年傑出公關獎-品牌傳播獎 傑出獎 (私部門類)