Sustainability Management

Sustainable Partnerships

PChome firmly believes that every entity in the greater community is a stakeholder. Our operations are dependent on the well-being of every person. In line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), PChome actively leverages the influence of e-commerce platforms to not only meet customer demands but also to consolidate intra- and extraorganizational powers to build a society that benefits everyone.

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As a renowned leader of online shopping in Taiwan, we actively adopt strategies to meet the different needs of our customers in their daily lives, such as expanding our brand development, engaging in cross-industry alliances, integrating our online and offline resources, and consolidating the services and resources of enterprises across various domains. While developing our business, we attach great importance to society and to realizing enterprise sustainability. Grounded in our core principle of “commitment to innovation and value creation” and “customers first”, we continue to infuse new energy into our business operations, environmental protection, and social care through strategies such as the Green Shopping Program, supporting the underprivileged and emphasizing the comfort of the workplace and corporate governance. We dedicate ourselves to fulfilling our corporate citizenship roles and becoming a reliable partner in everyday life.

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RectangleCreated with Sketch.Sustainable Promotion Framework 

To effectively manage sustainability information in the organization and engage in cross-departmental communication for planning related affairs, PChome established the Sustainability Committee in 2022 with the CEO as the chairperson of the committee, which brings together senior managers in different fields to jointly examine the Company sustainable development direction and implementation results based on the UN SDGs. PChome also established the ESG teams: Governance and Responsibility Team, Environmental Protection and Energy Conservation Team, and Employee and Social Care Team. Members of each team are responsible for sustainable development strategies and action plans, taking action to achieve the SDGs. The board of directors periodically listens to reports from the Sustainable Development Committee to stay up-todate on the progress of the Company’s ESG strategies, and urges the team to make strategy adjustments and provides resources when necessary.

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