A Caring Partner in Society

Localized Operations and Cultural Heritage

PChome is deeply engaged in the e-commerce platform and strives to fulfill the commitment of meeting the daily needs of every household. Therefore, we delve into Taiwanese society and pay attention to the context of this land. We hope to bring positive energy to society through the power of e-commerce. Furthermore, we hope to promote cultural development in the society and heritage, improve the physical, mental, and spiritual health of the public, and build a sustainable society through the power of e-commerce.

RectangleCreated with Sketch.Support Domestic Sports Events 

In 2020, PChome received the Taiwan i sports certification from the Sports Administration, Ministry of Education. As a sports enterprise, PChome continues to leverage the power of the companies to promote domestic sports events and support the development of the domestic sports industry. We hope to cultivate domestic elite athletes to raise awareness of sports events among the public, and lead an enthusiasm for sports nationwide to create a healthy and energetic society. As baseball and basketball are two major benchmark sports events in Taiwan, PChome has concentrated its resources on these two sports events in 2022.

Sponsor the CTBC Brothers

In 2022, PChome sponsored the “CTBC Brothers” and organized lucky draw events through posting on Instagram. The event is closely aimed at the younger generation to increase the public’s willingness to participate and attend the games in person. During the first half of 2022, from April 2 to July 22 of the professional baseball regular season, there were a total of 60 regular season games and 30 home games. The Instagram post for the lucky draw event received 842 likes and 447 comments

Sponsor the CTBC DEA

PChome supports Taiwanese basketball and has sponsored the “CTBC DEA”. In March 2022, PChome conducted exclusive interviews with players on Instagram, letting the public understand the significance of the development of domestic basketball. The distance of the younger generation is reduced through the stories shared by the players, generating the interest of the public in domestic basketball events. Lucky draw events were held on social media to create a wave of enthusiasm for basketball. This has successfully motivated people in Taiwan to support basketball games.

By sponsoring the CTBC Brothers and the CTBC DEA, PChome demonstrates its value for the development of baseball and basketball in Taiwan. Through these sponsorships, we hope to encourage others to invest social resources in these sports and increase the public’s level of attention and willingness to attend baseball and basketball games. This further promotes the development of baseball and basketball talents and allows continuous improvements in Taiwan’s competitiveness in the international competitions in the future.

RectangleCreated with Sketch.Invest in the Development of Local Culture 

PChome, dedicated to being a reliable partner in the public’s lives, provides services to every township in Taiwan. We have discovered that due to changes in the society and culture, parts of the traditional culture are gradually fading away. Therefore, PChome continues to tap into local culture, hoping to support traditional Taiwanese culture and allow the younger generation to experience its beauty, the essence of culture to be passed down through generations and co-exist and mutually prosper with the local culture.

2022 Taichung Mazu International Festival

The “Dajia Mazu Pilgrimage” was listed as a Taiwanese cultural asset in 2010. It has a long and prestigious history and is renowned internationally. This event showcases the typical characteristics of Taiwan’s traditional culture and is the largest and most widely and voluntarily attended cultural event in Taiwan every year. For the third consecutive year, PChome has collaborated with the Dajia Mazu Pilgrimage and has launched exclusive co-branded products such as the “Blessing Flags” and “Blessed God’s Robe”. These designs of the products integrate traditional cultural elements with Mazu patterns perfectly. When customers purchase on the PChome 24h, they can add these items to their cart regardless of the purchase amount. Additionally, we have organized a lucky draw event on PChome’s Instagram account to increase public engagement. This allows people who are unable to attend the event in person to participate and spread Taiwan’s traditional culture without being limited by time and space. In 2022, approximately 600,000 people participated in the Dajia Mazu Pilgrimage. We hope to let more
Taiwanese people get to know the traditional culture and the value of the history and culture through this kind of event to pass on the culture.

Taichung Central Bookstore's Wednesday Reading Club

Continuing from 2021, PChome hosts the E-Commerce University to assist young students or individuals interested in e-commerce and stores in establishing the knowledge in e-commerce. PChome gives back to society by sharing its extensive experience. Furthermore, PChome is investing in the society and culture to create an artistic and cultural atmosphere in Taiwan. The Chairman of PChome, Mr. Hung-Tze Jan, is particularly dedicated to this. Mr. HungTze Jan initiated the “Wednesday Reading Club” with the Central Bookstore. To overcome the limitations of venue space and distance, the “Wednesday Reading Club” can also be assessed online, allowing more people to feel the charm of reading. Over the course of three terms, a total of 72 reading clubs have been held, with over 50,000 participants. Participants pick up books with the reader either in person or online to feel the charm of the words through the “Wednesday Reading Club”. This allows many individuals who may have lost interest in reading to rediscover the joy of reading through picking up the books, thereby enhancing cultural literacy among the public and creating a lifelong learning environment.

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