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RectangleCreated with Sketch.Thoughtful Customer Services 

Customer service is the most important aspect of the e-commerce industry, so PChome established the Voice of Customer (VOC) Advisory Committee in 2021, and collected 1,749 improvement recommendations in 2022. After a rigorous review process and internal discussions, we completed 77 optimizations at the end of the year, and continue to carry out 130 items. Optimizations include printing out prize winning invoices at a convenience store, which was launched in 2023 and allow consumers to print out and redeem their prize through front-end functions, providing them with a more convenient service experience. PChome has maintained the original intention of serving consumers, and focuses on providing high quality customer services. The internal goal for customer services is 3 VOC proposals per
employee each month, and the goal is adjusted according to the Company’s business needs. Overall goal achievement was 100% in 2022. PChome won the Bronze Award for Digital Media Shopping in the Taiwan Customer Service Center Evaluation this year, showing that external professional institutions have recognized our customer services.

PChome provides thoughtful services and hopes to become a thoughtful helper when customers are purchasing products. Customers can contact the Customer Service Center through the customer service hotline or by leaving a message on the website’s customer center when they have any questions regarding product information, purchase order tracking, and after-sale matters. Per company regulations, any written customer feedback received by the Customer Service Center must be addressed within two working days via phone call or e-mail, and all customer feedback is handled by a customer service representative until the entire case is fully rectified. The customer center also has a “Q&A record” for customers to view replies from customer service representatives at any time.

To continue optimizing the customer service experience, we plan to conduct customer service satisfaction surveys, and items such as the following are included: Response efficiency, problem solving ability, and service attitude. The survey is expected to help us listen to customers’ suggestions for the Customer Service Center, give us a more precise understanding of customer needs, so that we can continue to upgrade services.

RectangleCreated with Sketch.Professional Customer Service Representative Training Programs 

Every customer service representative of PChome must comply with regulations on the internal quality audit process, and periodic evaluations are conducted to ensure that service quality reaches Company standards. Furthermore, we optimized the new employee training course and improved the quality of teaching to aid customer service representatives with professional knowledge. In 2022, satisfaction with new employee training reached 4.8 points (5-point scale), and we implemented the digital course program with 89 hours of courses planned. We hope that providing complete training courses will effectively improve the service skills and professional knowledge of customer service representatives, so that they will be able to provide customers with better services.

Furthermore, to encourage customer service representatives to continue providing excellent services, the Customer Service Center also organizes a regular awards ceremony in recognition of exceptional employees. 10 excellent customer service representatives were recognized in 2022.

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