Pi Wallet, a mobile payment platform created by Pi Mobile Technology Inc., was launched in 2015. Grounded in the core value of “mobile first,” Pi Wallet strives to create simple, diverse, and convenient payment solutions for multiple applications. Pi Wallet currently has more than a million registered users and is accepted at more than 350,000 locations, covering 99% of Taiwan. Locations include: convenience stores, supermarkets, pharmacies and department stores; as well as services such as dining, lifestyle and entertainment, parking, utilities, transportation, online shopping, and more. Users earn PPoints through their spending, increasing value and expanding the scope of their relationship with PChome.

In sync with new-generation consumers’ preferences for liberal lifestyles marked by flexible payment options and fund use, Pi Wallet joined hands with 21 FINTECH to launched Pay-Later, Taiwan’s first innovative financial service provider that combines buy now pay later (BNPL), card-less installment and mobile payment services. PPoints can also be earned through Pay-Later, thus creating an innovative, convenient, and brand-new payment experience that meet consumers’ daily needs.

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