Founded in 1997, iThome serves as a long-standing source for reports on enterprise information systems and applications, IT management, IT products, and technological developments. It is the most influential source of technology information in Taiwan. iThome is a platform that consolidates information from weekly periodicals, websites, social media and videos, and provides the IT workforce with complete and up-to-date information on global trends, product technology, analysis, industry trends, and more.

iThome is dedicated to understanding the IT needs of companies and strives to vitalize industry developments and market applications, boosting IT knowledge and promoting new technologies. A wide range of seminars and exhibitions are organized every year, including: CYBERSEC, Asia’s fastest-growing cybersecurity conference; Cloud Edge Summit, Taiwan’s longest-running summit on cloud technologies; as well as popular in-service events for enterprise software development, such as DevOps Day, Kubernetes Day, Agile Summit, Modern Web, and more.

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