Ruten, the No.1 C2C platform and largest trading market in Taiwan, was formed in September 2006. Ruten is also the first e-commerce platform in the country to exceed NT$100 billion in transactions. Several hundred billion items are sold on Ruten, and the site boasts 11 million members and 2 million sellers. The site is constantly enhancing its big data capabilities and artificial intelligence (AI) services by analyzing e-commerce transactions as well as operating an open-architecture network. As a result, Ruten is now a major AI-based e-commerce platform. 

Additionally, from 2019 onwards, Ruten and global e-commerce brands such as eBay have jointly engaged in contextual commerce through platform integration. Ruten provides online shopping interfaces in Chinese, allowing consumers to shop around the world in their native language.

A market is the archetypal center of trade and transaction information exchange. Ruten strives to reenact the excitement and original intents of market transactions by creating a hospitable and eco-friendly platform for customers. Our mission and vision is to achieve the efficient flow of goods and make the most of out of every product.

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