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24h Shopping

PChome entered the e-commerce industry in June 2000 by establishing a business-to-consumer online mall, PChome Online Shopping. Online order forms were managed through a model that surpasses the traditional retail business model by integrating supplier development and management, management of product information, circular flow of payment and goods, and customer service. This significantly reduced the distance between the customer and the suppliers, which lowered operating costs and ultimately, retail prices. Therefore, customers benefited from the efficient process provided by an innovative online shopping experience.

Ruten (a JV with eBay)

Ruten, the No.1 C2C platform and largest trading market in Taiwan, was formed in September 2006. Ruten is also the first e-commerce platform in the country to exceed NT$100 billion in transactions. Several hundred billion items are sold on Ruten, and the site boasts 11 million members and 2 million sellers. The site is constantly enhancing its big data capabilities and artificial intelligence (AI) services by analyzing e-commerce transactions as well as operating an open-architecture network. As a result, Ruten is now a major AI-based e-commerce platform. 

PChome Store

PChome Store was officially launched in October 2005 as a subsidiary of PChome Online. It operates as an online B2B2C solution for local SMEs to engage in e-commerce and speed their digital transformation. To date, more than 120,000 SMEs offering more than 460 million products have established their presence on PChome Store, which has become Taiwan’s largest online marketplace in terms of store numbers. 


Bibian is owned by PChome Bibian Inc., a Japanese subsidiary of PChome Online. Bibian provides third-party procurement services for Taiwanese consumers from major cross-border e-commerce platforms in Japan, the U.S., South Korea, and Southeast Asia.


PChomeThai (www.pchome.co.th) is an overseas shopping platform that allows Taiwanese consumers to purchase Thai goods. The platform interface is fully in Chinese, and so are the customer services. Consumers can save the hassle of calculating the customs duty and exchange rate as all prices are tax-inclusive and displayed in New Taiwan dollars on the website. They can also track the delivery status of their orders, thus realizing convenient and seamless overseas shopping experiences. Shopping on PChomeThai is like visiting the all corners of the country itself and experiencing the local hospitality at the comfort of your home, as you get to choose from the plethora of Thai goods, from bestsellers to exquisite designs, and have them shipped by air to your doorstep. PChome Thai is the top choice for purchasing Thai goods.

PChome Global

PChome Global Shopping was established in July 2010, offering Traditional and Simplified Chinese websites, combining PayPal, Alipay, International Express Mail Service of the Taiwan Post Office, to deliver high quality and cost effective Taiwanese goods to 105 countries to cater to overseas Chinese and Taiwanese students studying abroad, as well as businessmen women traveling abroad. PChome Global Shopping offers Chinese goods, electronics with a Chinese interface, Chinese books, as well as household products. In February 2012, an English website launched to expand services to the US, Europe, and other non-Chinese markets.

PChome Travel

PChome Travel is an integrated travel agency and subsidiary of PChome Online Inc.

PChome Travel (pchometravel.com) was launched in June 2018 as a travel e-commerce platform that offers comprehensive tourism products such as flight reservations for global destinations, bookings in 600,000 rooms worldwide (high-end hotels, boutique hotels, guesthouses), tour groups, cruises, transport tickets, dining vouchers, plus travel activities in more than 200 cities around the world.PChome Travel offers convenient online payment solutions where cardholders can enjoy 0% interest for 12 months and take advantage of multiple mobile payment options (including Pi Wallet, Line Pay, Jkos Pay, Samsung Pay, and more). PChome Travel is a one-stop shop for travelers to purchase everything they need. 


Founded in 2013, Mamilove provides users with three major services: “Shopping” – Mall, “Discovery” – High-quality parenting articles, “Discussion” – Real-time community Q&A. Through excellent community brand management and our strong product selection capabilities, we have successfully earned the trust of 20 to 50 years-old mommy users. And our mobile app has been selected as the best app by both App Store and Google Play. Mamilove is one of the fastest-growing and most customer retention community platform in Taiwan. With over 900,000 members and more than 700,000 fans, Mamilove accompanying moms and babies to grow up together from pregnancy, providing users with a more valuable shopping experience.We hope to become the “most trustworthy” parental community platform.



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