Corporate Governance

Board of Directors

PChome Online Inc. is on the basis of compliance with legal regulations, the Board of Directors to maintain a sound and effective operation of the company as a basis for sustainable development, and in order to maintain good corporate governance in the effective functioning of the board of directors to protect shareholders’ equity. The company has 9 board members, all directors are based charter election by shareholders voted, including 3 seats of independent directors, whose responsibilities include supervision and guidance appointed management company, and is responsible for the company’s overall operating conditions, is committed to maximizing shareholders’ equity.


Jan, Hung-Tze

Department of Economics, National Taiwan University


Yu-Shan Chang(CEO of PChomeOnline)

Holds master degrees in Information Engineering and Management Science from Stanford University, USA. Holds a bachelor’s degree conferred by the Department of Information Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Ever Studied at the Department of Information Engineering, National Taiwan University for 2 years.

Chairman: Pin Technology Co., Ltd .      SHANG-EN INFO CO., LTD.

Director: Yuntongbao International Information Co., Ltd.,21st Financial Technology Co., Ltd. 21st Century Digital Technology Co., Ltd. PChome (Thailand) Co. Ltd., UPN Information Co., Ltd.,LINKTEL INC., PCHOME ONLINE INTERNATIONAL CO. Ltd. (B. V. I.), PCHOME US INC.,Pi Mobile Technology Inc., PChome Financial Technology Inc., PChome Express Co., Ltd., PChome CB Co., Ltd, PChome Data Technology Co., Ltd, and 21st Financial Technology Co. Ltd. (Cayman)

Director(Legal representative of Site Inc.)

Bruce Chou(CFO of PChomeOnline)


Director and Chief Investment Officer of PChome Online Inc.
 Director of Junzhan Investment Ltd., 21 st Century Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Pi MobileTechnology Inc., TAIWAN FARM INDUSTRY CO., LTD.,
PChome InterPay Inc.
Supervisor of Mengjiong Investment Co., Ltd., Linktel Inc.,
PChome eBay Co., Ltd.

Director(Legal representative of Site Inc.)

Tseng, Xun-yi

MS, Administrative studies -e-commerce, systems & technology, Boston University EMBA, Accounting, National Taiwan University
Director(Legal representative of Site Inc.)

Allan Chou

Master of Finance from MIT

Master’s Degree in Statistics from Yale University

General Manager of 21st Century Digital Technology

General Manager of Pi- mobile International Information

Director(Legal representative ofCDIB Venture Capital Corporation.)

Ryan Kuo 


Director: FUNP Co., Ltd., Kneron Holding Corporation, International Company Limited, KooData Inc., Viscovery (Cayman) Holding Company Limited, Traveler Co., Ltd., Greenvines Living Co., Ltd., FunNow Ltd., Leaderg Software Technology Inc., Investment Ltd., Xrex Inc., 21st Financial Technology Co., Ltd.  21st Century Digital Technology Co., Ltd. 21st Financial Technology Co., Ltd.(Cayman), Pi Mobile Technology Inc., General Manager of CDIB Innovation Management Consultants Co., Ltd., General Manager of CDIB Capital Innovation Accelerator Co., Ltd. and Deputy General Manager of CDIB Innovation Management Consultants Co., Ltd.



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