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PChome Online Inc. Chairman

Hung-Tze Jan

A native of Nantou County born in the year 1956, Hung-Tze Jan graduated from the Department of Economics at National Taiwan University.

Hung-Tze Jan is the chairman of PChome Online Inc. and also the founder of PChome Publication and Cite Publication.


Hung-Tze Jan has over 30 years of experience in the media industry, having worked for United Daily News, Commercial Times, China Times, Yuan-Liou Publishing, Rock Records, Chinese Television System, Business Weekly, and many more. During the time he served as editor-in-chief for numerous media companies, he planned and edited over thousands of books and periodicals and was the founder of over forty magazines, including PChome and Business Next.

In Taiwan, Hung-Tze Jan is an acclaimed writer, opinion leader, filmmaker, editor, and publisher. He is highly respected for his insights on the issues between the socioeconomic environment and the trend towards the internet culture and creativity.

Hung-Tze Jan founded the Taiwan Internet and E-Commerce Association (TiEA). He has also served as chairman, director, and supervisor for many other associations in the publishing and information industries. In 1997, the People Magazine of Taiwan awarded him the Diamond Award. In 2008, the Government Information Office awarded him the Special Award of the 2nd Golden Vessel Awards for Digital Publishers.

PChome Online Inc. CEO

Yu-Shan Chang

Born in Taipei City, Taiwan. Holds master degrees in Information Engineering and Management Science from Stanford University, USA. Holds a bachelor’s degree conferred by the Department of Information Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Studied at the Department of Information Engineering, National Taiwan University as a freshman and sophomore.


PChome Online announced in August 2022 that they invited the founder and CEO Alice Yu-Shan Chang of MamiLove, a leading Taiwanese e-commerce platform specializing in maternity and childcare products, to serve as the CEO and General Manager of PChome Online Group.

After obtaining her master degrees from the Information Engineering and Management Science, Stanford University, USA, Alice joined Google’s Partner Technology Manager training program which only recruits 7 fresh graduates every year. Through strategic partner technical cooperation, the was at the helm of commercializing the projects during the start-up phase. Afterwards, she participated in many projects, including localizing Google Maps, cooperating in the mass production of the first-generation Chromebook, and developing a new YouTube copyright compliance business model that allows monetization of copyrighted videos. Her excellent performances have been awarded and recognized by Google.

Alice returned to Taiwan in 2012 and got married. Based on the shopping demands of a mother and her entrepreneurship, she founded a new-generation e-commerce platform—MamiLove. Driven by consumer-centrism, innovation, long-term thinking, and original intents, she dedicates herself to social media management and consumer communication. She creates products and user experiences through design thinking and theUI/UX interface has received positive feedback and user experience. The website has successfully attracted the attention of users who are mothers between 20 and 50 years old. The MamiLove mobile app was awarded Best App on the App Store and Google Play. It holds a leading position in the vertical maternity and childcare e-commerce market.

After joining PChome Online, Alice strives to lead the team focus on four key targets:

Target 1: Company revenue and profit growth

Target 2: Becoming a competitive e-commerce platform

Target 3: Sustaining the company’s sustainable competitiveness

Target 4: Enhancing the company’s operational efficiency

Meanwhile, she also expects PChome employees to embody a better code of conduct that meets a corporate culture marked with four rules:

Rule 1: User First

Rule 2: Integrity

Rule 3: Focus

Rule 4: Accountability

Based on a user-centric thinking style, she emphasizes the establishment of an enduring and competitive corporate culture. By speeding up the reformation and transformation processes, she expects to bring new dynamics and create a new image for PChome while delivering the best and the most sincere services to consumers and society.

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Bruce Chou

Deputy General Manager

Kris Ou

Deputy General Manager

Wayvi Wan

Deputy General Manager

Pauline Wu

Deputy General Manager

Ying-Hsuan Chao

Assistant Vice President


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