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Healthy and Friendly Workplace

PChome is committed to promoting a diverse, safe, and gender-equal workplace environment. The company ensures that employees are not subjected to harassment, discrimination, or unfair treatment based on religion, race, gender, age, or political inclination. In addition to fully complying with the Labor Standards Act, Occupational Safety and Health Act, and Gender Equality in Employment Act, the company has established a fair and just performance evaluation and promotion system. Annual performance evaluations are conducted at mid-year and year-end to ensure the implementation of the system. The company places importance on the safety of female employees working at night, supports the appointment of women to managerial positions, and exceeds the legally required quota for hiring individuals with disabilities. The company believes that a more diverse and equal workplace environment can drive innovative development, enhance the quality of decision-making, and increase overall employee satisfaction.

RectangleCreated with Sketch.Occupational Safety and Health Management 

Occupational Safety and Health Committee

In order to protect the occupational safety and health for all employees, PChome complies with the Occupational Safety and Health Act and has established an Occupational Safety and Health Office. Worker representatives account for 1/3 or more of all the members. Worker representatives are served by the worker representatives of employer-employee meetings. In the event where the ratio is less than 1/3, workers will elect more representatives. The Committee convenes once in every three months, whereas extraordinary meetings may be called when necessary:

At the same time, employees may participate in proposals related to occupational safety and health at least once quarterly. The performance indicators of each unit are reviewed regularly in occupational safety and health committee meetings, and the Occupational Safety and Health Committee will make modifications on the occupational safety and health management plan after collecting opinions from workers in order to design standards that surpass regulations to prevent occupational hazards and protect workers’ safety and health.

Occupational Safety and Health Risk Management

PChome realizes occupational hazard prevention and automatic inspection through the automatic inspection program to reach the goal of zero hazard. PChome has six guidelines in place, i.e., Safety and health management, safety and health education and training, standard operating procedures and work safety analysis, safety and health inspection, emergency response, and health management and promotion. Management guidelines and regulations are established accordingly and the prevention of occupational hazard is prioritized in warehouses. The implementation guidelines are summarized as follows:

At the same time, in order to effectively create a healthy and safe work environment, PChome has established a reporting mechanism of incidents or occupational hazards during operations in order to identify potential hazards and risks in the work environment. After receiving a report, inspections are conducted to clarify the course of events, verify damages to on-site staff, environment and equipment, and review possible faults or environmental issues during the operation for review and improvement. In addition, PChome regularly compiles statistics on incidents and occupational hazards to understand the types of incidents or hazards that occurred more frequently. It is discovered that most occupational hazards are machine collisions due to negligence and ergonomic muscle and bone injuries. PChome has launched safety and health education, on-site environment patrol and 5S evaluation (management, organization, cleanliness, tidying, and discipline) for the particular type of hazard. Relevant faults are notified to on-site supervisors and management for improvement. In addition, correct safety and health information and knowledge is provided to employees to prevent the recurrence of the same hazard. 

In terms of employee health, PChome conducts risk evaluation through employee health questionnaires and arranges for doctor consultation. In addition, high-risk groups are identified via employee health examinations, including illnesses from overwork, and repeated muscle and bone diseases. For high-risk groups, doctor consultation, written notification of risks, health education guidance, work adjustment and other suitable work evaluation and recommendation are provided. Improvements on relevant hazards are conducted and health promotion activities for the next year are planned based on the employee evaluation results of the current year.

Under the protection and inspection of multiple occupational safety and health plans, PChome did not have any major violations of occupational hazard regulations or sanctions or fines by competent authorities in 2022. 2022 occupational injury statistics:

RectangleCreated with Sketch.Occupational Health Promoting Activities 

At PChome, we believe that only a healthy and safe workplace will allow PChomers to work at ease and maintain physical, mental and spiritual health. This way, the company will be able to advance towards sustainability and in turn provide customers with highest-quality services. Therefore, in order to safeguard employee health, PChome provides a comfortable and safe work environment, organizes occupational safety and health training courses, and launches health promoting activities in order to achieve employee happiness.

Comfortable work environment
2022 Occupational Safety and Health Training Program
2022 Health Promotion Activities

In addition to essential OSH training, we also understand that in today’s work environment, employees spend long hours in offices. Due to work pressure and busy schedules, they may overlook the importance of healthy eating and proper stress relief, which can put them at risk of developing physical and mental health issues. PChome values not only the occupational safety standards required by regulations but also the well-being and happiness of every employee in their work and life. Therefore, a series of seminars and activities have been introduced to provide employees with methods and channels for relaxation. At the same time, satisfaction surveys are conducted after the courses to evaluate whether the arrangements of the seminars meet the needs of the employees.

RectangleCreated with Sketch.Harmonious Labor Relations 

PChome is actively committed to creating an equal and respectful workplace, fulfilling corporate social responsibility, implementing human rights protection, and fostering a dignified work environment. PChome recognizes and supports various international human rights declarations, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Global Compact, the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and the International Labour Organization. PChome established human rights management policies:

Seven major principles are established:

PChome department supervisors and the Occupational Safety and Health Office regularly use the “Self-Assessment Checklist for Workplace Violations” and the “Program on Preventing Employee Workplace Violations” to examine workplace safety and protect rights of the employees.

At the same time, PChome has established internal management mechanisms and conducts meetings with employees to facilitate communication. In accordance with the “Regulations for Implementing Labor-Management Meeting”, PChome organizes regular employeremployee meetings on a quarterly basis. Employee representatives are invited to provide their opinions on different issues, and both parties thoroughly discuss concerns among employees. PChome develops future solutions to establish consensus between employers and employees and work together for mutual growth. If employees have any opinions, the company welcomes them to submit their opinions in writing and mail them to the Human Resources Department or send them directly to the human resources supervisor. At the same time, the company has an internal email where employees can express their opinions directly to higher-ranking supervisors. If employees feel that their rights have been violated, they can also use the channels mentioned above to file a complaint. In 2022, labor relations within the company were harmonious, and no disputes occurred. 

In order to better understand the voice of the employees, the company established a rating standard for the VOE survey in 2022. A total of 1,823 employees from 15 departments were invited to participate in the survey, with a participation rate of over 70%. After obtaining the survey results, the human resources department organized a briefing to disclose the survey findings to the business team. They also initiated “Voice of Employee (VOE)” task forces in each department to devise items needed for improvement and solutions. For the items that received lower ratings in each department, cross-department improvement teams were established for implementing improvement plans.

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