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PChome follows the four-stage process for materiality identification in the latest version GRI Standards (2021), and redefines materiality identification methods. Unlike the previous approach of using a questionnaire to understand stakeholders’ “level of concern” for a topic, we comprehensively considered the relevance of topics to operations and major business policies in 2022, and used “impact” as the principle for determining whether a topic is material.

RectangleCreated with Sketch.Process of Determining Material Topics 

RectangleCreated with Sketch.Collect Industry Sustainability-related Topics 

To find potential material topics of PChome, we focused on 18 topics from international sustainability standards and regulations, SDGs, responsible investment, industry trends, and interactions with stakeholders. We then further investigated the impact of to

RectangleCreated with Sketch.Identify Actual and Potential Impacts 

Based on the definition of materiality in the GRI Standards (2021), PChome comprehensively evaluates the degree and probability of impact that sustainability-related topics have on PChome through a questionnaire. The scale, scope, reversibility, and involvement of human rights of impacts are considered when determining severity.PChome not only references information obtained through regular stakeholder engagement, but also considers internal business strategy with the business philosophy to realize green e-commerce. Environmental issues are weighted to identify their potential impact.

RectangleCreated with Sketch.Determine Material Topics 

PChome has ranked sustainability-related topics based on their degree of impact as follows, the Sustainable Development Committee submitted the topics to the CEO and the 10 topics with the highest impact were approved as material topics.

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