A Caring Partner in Society

Love Taiwan through Environmental Protection

As the best green partner for the environment, PChome is dedicated to long-term commitment to environmentally friendly development and actively promotes green citizenship awareness. PChome hopes to leverage the influence of enterprises to invite the general public to join the ranks of loving Taiwan and the Earth through environmental protection.

Sponsored the Filming of the Program "Extreme Forest"

In 2022, PChome sponsored the filming of the program “Extreme Forest”, which is a reality show that explores Taiwan’s coastal scenery, beautiful scenery of mountains and forests, and ecological parks. This program lets more people get to know the beauty of Taiwan. Each episode of the program focuses on different themes, including: coastal ecosystem, respecting the mountains and forests and being environmentally friendly, knowledge of medicinal plants, and cultivating endangered plants. The aim is to spread the concept of environmental protection and coexistence with nature and to promote these concepts to the public

As a citizen of the earth and a local e-commerce company in Taiwan, PChome continues to respond to the trend of environmental sustainability. PChome understands that e-commerce is not just about online shopping but also being a caring partner in society. PChome hopes to be environmentally-friendly to this land through a series of initiatives starting from itself. In 2022, PChome delivered over 13 million products throughout the year, putting significant pressure on the environment in terms of packaging, transportation, warehousing, and payment. Therefore, since 2019, PChome has initiated the Green Shopping Program, which includes four major aspects: green packaging, green transportation, green warehousing, and green payment. While providing consumers with a convenient shopping experience, PChome also minimizes the impact of its operations, demonstrating its love for this land in a practical way and coexisting with the environment. (For the “Green Shopping Program”, please refer to Ch3 A Green Partner for the Environment)

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