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Human Resource Recruitment and Training

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PChome’s philosophy is “committed to innovation and value creation” and dedicates its efforts to promoting innovative services. PChome upholds the belief that talents are the core momentum that propels a company and the basis for enhancing corporate competitiveness. PChome has actively invested resources to recruit outstanding talents from all lines of walk and recruits individuals who are skilled in IT development, product marketing, video editing, marketing planning, big data analysis, operations management, and logistics management. In addition to recruiting young talents from campuses and grooming them to become part of the PChome team, we welcome π-shaped talents with enthusiasm for e-commerce and who are fast-adapting to an ever-changing commercial environment to join our quest of establishing a benchmark for new online services in Taiwan and leading Taiwan into an era of new commerce.

Statistics of Newcomers and Former Employees in the Past Three Years
Unveil Infinite Possibilities

Creativity contests aim at inspiring creativity in the Z generation through diverse themes such as “PChome 24h shopping experience”, “marketing activity brainstorming”, “customized catalogs and search result recommendations” and “user interface suggestions” to inspire new ideas in outstanding talents of the Z generation as well as to allow PChome to better understand youngsters’ angle and viewpoint in hopes of planning diverse services that are more abundant and more suited to the digital generations.

RectangleCreated with Sketch.Professional Talent Cultivation Program 

PChome has established a competency map for employee development and adopted a three-tier competency development scheme. The scheme is progressive and starts at developing PChomer competency so that employees are equipped with necessary professional knowledge as a member of the PChome family, followed by job and core competencies encompassing professional knowledge and soft skills in the workplace aimed at improving employee work efficiency and outcome, and then advancing to the ultimate goal of business and leadership competencies so that employees will gain business mindset and leadership in order to exert influence. Legal competency cultivation is also set up for staff required by legal compliance. Comprehensive cultivation plans are set up for the five main competencies while taking into account employee seniority, performance, personal will and skills to customize training courses for employees so that they may understand their own career development map in the Company and become e-commerce talents who are capable of implementation and leadership.

Five Main Competencies in Three Stages at PChome
PChome Competency Development Map
Education and Training Program

PChome invests a lot of resources in education and training programs each year, including Newcomer orientation training, basic in-service training, specialized training, and external training. In response to market revolution in the post-pandemic era, the Company will review training materials and assess the necessity for adjustments to allow employees to obtain professional knowledge that is up-to-date and suited to Company direction and employees’ needs. In addition, to allow more flexibility in learning professional knowledge, PChome has organized a vast amount of online training courses as well as bought videos and databases for online learning so that employees may freely schedule their learning without restrictions of time and space, and can achieve personal growth while dedicating themselves to their career. 

Based on the five main competencies, PChome arranges for mandatory courses and electives so that employees may participate in electives based on their own interests and needs after completing the mandatory courses. In 2022, over 4,700 persons have received training, and the completion rate was an impressive 100%.

In 2022, the range of employee training was expanded to include system development courses and knowledge sharing seminars for technology departments, and internal lecturer training and knowledge extraction workshop for HR departments to pass down internal knowledge. In 2022, the total training hours are 18,394.3 hours, nearly tripled as compared to 2021. Especially, the training hours for non-managerial roles has grown 4-fold as compared to 2021. In terms of total training hours of all employees, the average was 9.75 per person in 2022, nearly tripled from the 3.31 hours in 2021. In addition, the satisfaction survey showed a 4.5 out of 5 for training courses. It is evident that PChome expanded the range of overall employee training in 2022 and flexibly used cloud technology and internet to make learning resources accessible to every employee in order to enhance professional abilities for the entire body of employees in a most effective way for the continual advancement of corporate competitiveness.

Newcomer Orientation Training

In the past three years, newcomers accounted for 20% to 30% of all employees. In order to allow newcomers to rapidly fit in, newcomer training is arranged on the first day of reporting to duty and introduces the organizational structure, operation of information network system, worker safety and health, familiarization of the company environment, as well as explains employee welfare policies, incentives and subsidies. In addition, PChome’s corporate culture and core values are emphasized so that newcomers may instantly become a part of the team.

Basic In-service Training

After newcomers report to duty, the Company also arranges for basic in-service training depending on the job content, such as powered pallet truck training and hands-on warehouse training so that employees may rapidly grasp their job content. It is also our hope to emphasize the safety regulations and management systems in the work environment, including staff safety for on-site workers in warehousing and transport, enhance employees’ work safety awareness for their own protection at work as well as protection for a healthy and safe work environment through these basic in-service training courses.

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