Established in early 2007, PChome 24h Shopping launched the world’s first year-round delivery within 24 hours service and set a new benchmark for e-commerce in Taiwan. There are more than 5 million products available on PChome, 2 million of which can be delivered within 24 hours nationwide, and within six hours in Taipei City (currently on a trial basis). As the online platform with the greatest number of products in stock, PChome is the top choice among Taiwanese online shoppers. 

In recent years, PChome has expanded its range of payment solutions and now offers consumers nine convenient mobile payment options, more than any other e-commerce platform in Taiwan. Catering to consumers’ needs in all lifestyle areas, PChome has launched one-stop online services such as e-tickets, contextual commerce, and flagship stores. PChome has continuously fostered cross-industry alliances with O2O enterprises, and expanded crossover collaborations to create innovative shopping experiences that offer a mix of consumption and entertainment.

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財團法人公共關係基金會-2020年傑出公關獎-品牌傳播獎 傑出獎 (私部門類)