PChome Travel Launches the Travel Guide of Popular Check-in Points Booking Rate Increases by 50% Money Saving Tips: a NT$500 Worth of Discount Code Is Offered at the Designated Amount of Bookings on Weekdays and Holidays


The Only E-Commerce in Taiwan! PChome 24h Shopping Joins Hands with the Lithuanian Enterprise to Officially Open the Lithuania Pavilion Special Promotion for 8% off Is Offered for Products of the Lithuania Pavilion. Acquire the Popular Lithuanian Souvenirs Right Now
During PChome 24h Shopping’s back-to-School Sale, the Sales of Laptops Increase by 50% Sales of Laptops Increase by 50% at PChome 24h Shopping during the Back-to-School Campaign Exclusive Event! Two-Day Limited-Time Discounts on ASUS Laptops to Save up to NT$10,000 Cost of Must-Have Furniture and Multi-Functional Small Appliances for Student Renters Are under NT$10,000
PChome’s Innovative Service Is Recognized! PChome to B Loan Aid Won 2022 Golden Ship Award
Sales of BBQ Products at PChome 24h Shopping Soar by 50% for the Mid-Autumn Festival One-Stop Shopping for Electric Grills, Portable BBQ Grills, and Lobster-Beef Kits
Sales of Japanese Cosmeceuticals Triple at Bibian in the First Half of Year! Bibian Online Japanese Drugstore Grandly Launches. Three Major Advantages Meet Cross-Border Shopping – Simultaneous Direct Delivery of Popular Japanese Products, Chinese Interface and Pricing in NTD and Discounted Local Direct Purchasing Prices.
jouetie, MiTCH’s Online Exclusive Japanese Clothing Brand Offers 40% and Another 10% off for Three Pieces
PChome 24h Shopping Joins Hands with Mommybaby Award for the First-Time Ever Joint Online Curation Grand Opening of the LE CREUSET Flagship Store Falls on August 14 and the Most Fashionable Summer Colorful Kitchen Is Created La Roche-Posay Best Product Day for Summer Skin Care on August 13! Exclusive Cross-Industry Cooperation and Brand Alliance Accelerate the Development of Non-3C Markets
PChome Won the 2022 2nd TSAA Taiwan Sustainability Action Award and Once Again Recognized as Green E-Commerce


財團法人公共關係基金會-2020年傑出公關獎-品牌傳播獎 傑出獎 (私部門類)