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Professional Team Organization

PChome offers a diverse array of positions. We welcome with an open mind all talented people from different realms to join us and provide employees with opportunities to utilize their expertise. We do not discriminate on the basis of gender, age, race, religion, marital status, or political belief. In 2022, there was no violation against the Labor Standards Act. 

Regarding employee composition, as of 2022, we have 1,886 employees, 13 of whom are disabled (accounting for 0.5% of all employees) and 102 of whom are indigenous people (accounting for 5.4% of all employees). Among which, over 50% of the employees are female, and nearly 50% of the supervisors are female. We have suggested relevant welfare measures for female employees, including maternal leave and maternity protection program. We also maintain gender equality in terms of promotion channels, in hopes of depending on the professional abilities and characteristics of our female workers to realize more diverse advantages and expertise. In terms of age, employees aged 30 to 49 are the main force of the company, accounting for over 60% of all employees. What’s worth mentioning is that managers under 30 years old have doubled as compared to 2021, and managers aged 30 to 49 have grown 15% as compared to 2021. This shows that PChome values the innovative thinking and ability to reform of younger generations. We allow employees to participate in all types of projects and grant them the authority for actual implementation, thus allowing new generations to accumulate more hands-on experience. We also allow them flexibility to exercise their skills in order to inspire their enthusiasm and developmental potential. Aided by equal opportunities for promotion, cross-generation thinking is instilled in our corporate culture, in hopes of vitalizing our services to be able to respond to the rapidly changing needs in the society and to continue enhancing our competitiveness.

PChome's Employee Diversity

* Management positions are defined as supervisors who are responsible for managing staff, but do not include governance units.

PChome's Employee Structure in the Past Three Years

PChome’s manpower has grown over the years. In the employee structure, permanent employees and full-time employees both account for over 90% of all employees and are mainly from Taiwan, thus having an understanding of the local market and can perform steadily. As for age structure, employees aged 30 to 49 account for over 60%, and have not changed much over the years.

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