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Epidemic Prevention Lifestyle

To ensure that every employee has a safe and secure work environment while the COVID-19 pandemic continues unabated across the globe, PChome’s management promptly initiated a mechanism of eight major precautionary measures for ensuring stable and continuous operations:

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1. Devising response procedures against major infectious diseases

Notifiable infectious diseases can significantly damage and impact the health and safety of the employees. Safety and health protection management procedures and measures were adopted to increase awareness of our employees and effectively prevent the spread of disease in the workplace.

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2. Creation of an epidemic prevention response team

Establishing an epidemic prevention response team who make timely decisions and response measures throughout the course of the epidemic. The team convenes regular meetings to discuss preventive measures and disseminate epidemic prevention information.

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3. Environmental monitoring
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4. Access control
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5. Initiating split team operations
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6. Self-health management
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7. Temperature checking
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8. Emergency response
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9. Work from home planning and simulation

RectangleCreated with Sketch.PChome is Everyday Reliable! 

Regardless of the extent of the pandemic’s toll, PChome has always upheld our Everyday Reliable commitment to our customers and the general public. It is only appropriate that we take preemptive measures of the highest standards to ensure the occupational health and safety of our employees, who in turn provide reliable services to our customers.
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