Stakeholder Engagement

A PChome stakeholder includes any organization, group, or individual who affects or is affected by PChome’s operations. At PChome, we are always concerned about our stakeholders’ opinions and feedback. PChome achieves clear engagement with all parties by identifying stakeholders according to the five major principles of the AA1000 SES-2011 Stakeholder Engagement Standard (SES), Dependency, Responsibility, Influence, Diverse Perspectives, and Tension. The seven main stakeholder groups of PChome are suppliers, government organizations, customers, employees, shareholders/investors, media, and communities/NGOs.

The first half of 2021 was a challenging period for Taiwan as the nation was on high alert due to the pandemic. As a result, there were more orders than ever, which caused delays in certain shipments and deliveries. PChome continues to improve its warehousing and logisitics capacities through flexible adaptation during each epidemic prevention measure to fulfill every order, thereby satisfying customer demands. The following measures were implemented taking into account customer rights and employee safety:

1. Thorough disinfection throughout the delivery process.
2.Modified certain services (cancelling payment on delivery to reduce contact).
3.Enforced alternating work schedules and canceled cross-regional commutes to ensure employee safety.
4.Restocked items so that customers are able to make at home purchases.

We have receivednumeours customer feedback and positive reviews on the delayed deliveries during the pandemic. We will continue to uphold our spirit of Everyday Reliable during these trying times by standing together with the public in the fight against the pandemic.

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A PChome stakeholder is any organization, group, or individual who either affects PChome’s operations or are affected by PChome’s operations, or both. PChome is always concerned about our stakeholders’ opinions and feedback.


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