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Over the last 20 years, PChome has upheld our principle of providing top-notch products and services that meet relevant regulations and the demands of the market while creating heartwarming shopping experiences. By adopting various procedures, we guarantee the quality of all products and customers inside the One PChome ecosystem, who will, in turn, receive reliable services.

RectangleCreated with Sketch.Supplier management and product inspection 

PChome emphasizes the development of long-term cooperative relationships with every supplier. Our internal rules and regulations clearly state that every member of our salesforce should engage in professional interactions and communication with our suppliers while building long-term and reliable business relationships with them. To facilitate this, we have established an internal management code and procedure. Our supplier management framework consists of the following seven key elements.
1.Regular factory visits

nspections are regularly scheduled to inspect the safety measures of suppliers and check whether the quality of their products is in line with the Company’s product inspection requirements and quality guidelines

2.Protecting intellectual property rights

Suppliers must comply with intellectual property regulations and ensure that their information and documentation are legally compliant

3.Product inspection license

For a product with online trade restrictions, a supplier must first send the product for examination on their own, obtain a license, and submit it for our review before the product can be listed on PChome. The supplier’s license shall be listed alongside the product

4.Food labeling enforcement

In line with the Act Governing Food Safety and Sanitation and the Enforcement Rules of the Act Governing Food Safety and Sanitation, all suppliers of food products are required to clearly label their products with relevant information and must pass our review before the products are sold online

5. Prohibiting unjust enrichment

A salesperson and a supplier must not directly or indirectly provide and accept bribes, commissions, rebates, kickbacks, other gifts, or unjust enrichments.

6.Duty of confidentiality

Suppliers must comply with the Personal Data Protection Act by implementing strict customer data privacy measures and are prohibited from collecting, processing, and using customer data without permission and from siphoning data to third parties

7.Product liability insurance

All products should have product liability coverage based on their properties to guarantee the rights of consumers

RectangleCreated with Sketch.Multiple measures to ensure good product quality 

PChome ensures that every product delivered to our consumers is held to the highest standards. In addition to signing cooperative agreements with suppliers, our first line of defense for ensuring good product quality for our customers is to offer legal protections. Such measures include comprehensive delivery and payment, acceptance requirements, and warranties against defects, while the subsequent second and third lines of defense are product inspection and precautionary recalls of products.

Product inspection items

RectangleCreated with Sketch.Supplier evaluation and appraisal mechanisms 

To ensure it meets its own quality standards, PChome provides written evaluations on each supplier and performs onsite evaluations as necessary. We regularly check suppliers’ operations by various methods (e.g., phone and email). We consider suppliers to be important stakeholders and maintain close contact with them within the supply chain. In addition, PChome aspires to achieve corporate sustainability through supplier collaboration. We have also developed a selfreporting supplier sustainability questionnaire that covers the environment, society, and corporate governance. The results serve as a basis in the future for choosing top-performing suppliers and ensuring suppliers cooperate with PChome in the long run.

Overview of supplier evaluation statistics
Number of suppliers evaluated in writing868922844677
Self-reported supplier sustainability questionnaire
EnvironmentSocietyCorporate governance
☆ Energy efficiency
☆ Carbon reduction
☆ Environmentally
☆ Human rights
☆ Labor rights
☆ Occupational
safety and health
☆ Stakeholder
communication methods
☆ Code of conduct
☆ Information security
☆ Corporate sustainability

RectangleCreated with Sketch.Plans for enhancing supply chain management 

To enhance long-term cooperation and trustworthy relations within our supply chain, PChome in 2021 introduced a cooperating vendor evaluation scheme in which such elements as the product information, sales, import/export status, operating capacity, and level of legal compliance are evaluated to manage the supply chain risks and publicly recognize top-performing suppliers. In addition, PChome plans to publicly award vendors for their excellent performance in these areas every year. We expect that this mechanism will propel our value chain partners and us toward sustainable operations and maximize the value for stakeholders.

PChome awards excellent suppliers
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